A női dimenzió - 2021/Tél - I. évfolyam 1. szám

Table of Contents

Editor’s Foreword / Szerkesztői köszöntő



Makovecz, Anna: Mártély in November


Dance Art

Sziráky “Nocturne”



Short Stories of Zágorec-Csuka, Judit

Bíró, Tímea: Moldavia (excerpts)


Visual and Applied Arts

Mészáros, Erzsébet: Women

Hungarian Association of Tapestry Artists: European Universum
Works of Tóbiás, Klára, Sculptor




Szabó, Géza: Depiction of the Woman on Jug No. 2 of the Nagyszentmiklós Treasure–Possibilities
of Interpretation Based on Caucasian Archaeological and Ethnographic Parallels and Recent Research Findings

Antalfai, Márta: The Fairies and Witches of Fairy Tales in the Light of Analytical Psychology

Hajnády, Zoltán: Sacred and Demonic Female Characters in the Context of Russian Poetics

Keller, Péter: The Motif of Life Dedicated to Others in the Female Characters of Gárdonyi

T. Ládonyi, Emese: St. Lucy’s Day Traditions in Contemporary Use

Kiss, Károly: Our Future or Our Doom? (About Artificial Intelligence)


Female Portraits

Tóth, Dávid:“Thus Reaching the Stars”- Story of the Life of Balázs, Júlia, the First Hungarian Female Astronomer, Based on Family Members’ Reminiscences



Cselényi, István Gábor: The Female Face of the Holy Spirit (Prokopp, Mária)

Cristina Simonelli: Eva, la prima donna. Storia e storie (Szabó, Miklós)

James F. McGrath: What Jesus Learned from Women (Szabó, Miklós)

J. Újváry, Zsuzsanna: Zrínyi, Ilona – Passion and Faithfulness. A Drama for One Voice. Thoughts about
the First Night


Round Table

Women and Men in Sports. A Discussion Led by Szili, Csaba Gergely with Olympians Kovács, Saroltaand Faragó, Tamás(Edited Version)


Talents’ Forum

Interview with Young Visual Artist Tanja Rakić


Popularising Science

On the Eve of a New World? Major, Gyöngyi’s Discussion with Detre, Örs about the Launch of the James Webb Space Telescope